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Do you feel like a missing screw in the assembly of life? Do you know where you fit? Do you feel like everybody is already doing what you want to do? Do you feel unwanted, depressed, and left out? Have you been asking: “What am I here for?” “What can I do?” “Where do I fit?” “Who will accept what I have?” If this is you, I congratulate you because you are asking the right questions. You don’t want to live the next 10 years of your life without knowing where you fit.

One of the business models I admire is IKEA’s. They designed their furniture to be assembled by the consumer thereby reducing their operating costs. However, assembling IKEA’s furniture is no fun for me. Sometimes I finished assembling a piece of furniture to discover a screw was unfixed or a part was fitted wrongly.

You are younique. - Saji Ijiyemi

It’s always a pain and extra work to take the furniture apart, reread the instructional manual, fit the missing screw or the wrongly-fitted part, and then reassemble the furniture all over again.  Though painful, it is better to find out where the missing screw fits than to start using the furniture in a poorly assembled state because it will not take long before I start hearing irritating noises of parts grinding against each other if the missing part is not fixed.

To find out where you fit in life, you have to check what is in your heart. To determine what is in your heart, you need to honestly answer these four questions:

What are you enthusiastic about? - Passion
What subject fires your passion? What ignites you? What keeps you awake? What makes you very excited? What makes you come alive? What makes you learn? You have a passion for something because nobody on earth is passion free. I am excited when I’m writing, reading, learning, teaching, counseling and I’m passionate about helping young people. I know you can see that thing in your heart, that very thing that fires you up and lights up your face. That is your enthusiasm; that is your passion.

What do you enjoy? -  Satisfaction
You can be passionate about a something but you don’t enjoy doing it. The place where you fit brings you fulfillment and satisfaction. It gives you happiness after tiredness. It gives you a sense of worth. What you enjoy is what makes you feel as if you have done what you are born to do. Look inward to your heart, you will find the answer. When you do the things you enjoy, you don’t feel irritated, agitated, or hopeless; you always feel you have done something good.

Where are you most productive? - Effectiveness
To know where you fit in life, you have to know the areas where you get the most results without much effort. If you want to be fulfilled in life, find a place where you get maximum results with the least effort. You can be good idea-generator but poor at implementation, learn to network with people who is good at implementing ideas and you stay where you fit. If you are a visionary, network with others who could run with the vision. We are all a team and you have to know where you fit – you cannot do everything. If you don’t know how God has wired you, you will crave positions for which God has not wired you.

What irritates you? - Exasperation
What annoys you? What gets you angry? What irritates you is an indication of something you are wired to be sensitive to. What is it that you can’t stand and you feel a strong desire to solve? What problem catches your attention as you drive by the streets? Sometimes, what irritates you has nothing to do with your training; it has to do with your wiring. The best you can be is you! The best you can be trying to be someone else is an imitation.

If you want to know where you fit in life, you have to know what you are passionate about, what brings you satisfaction, where you get the most results, and what irritates you.

what irritates you has nothing to do with your training; it has to do with your wiring. - Mensa Otabil

You might think everything is running perfectly without you and feel there is nothing you can contribute, but there is still a role for you to play, a gift you have to give, and a problem you are here to solve. You are a very important piece in the puzzle of life. You are “younique”, you are a star, and you are a king in your own domain. Search your heart, understand how you are wired, and find that place where you fit in life.

The year 2011 begins a new decade. Don’t live the next 10 years of your life without knowing where you fit. If this has been helpful, let us know. If you have questions or need some help finding where you fit in life, talk back and leave your questions or comments below.

Inspiration from "Finding your place in life" - Dr. Mensa Otabil, Senior Pastor, The International Central Gospel Church, Ghana.

Saji Ijiyemi

Saji Ijiyemi is a professional speaker, an author, a motivational coach, a youth mentor, and a friend. His goal is to help you discover your true potential, uncover your hidden abilities, and recover the life you've always wanted. Saji is the author of a new best-selling book "Don't Die Sitting" and he shares personal, professional and leadership development thoughts on his Plus Attitudes Blog. You can connect with him on FaceBook, follow him on Twitter, join his circle on Google Plus or email him at saji.ijiyemi@gmail.com

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